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APR 2016

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C l i n i c a l D e v e l o p m e n t s a n d M e t a b o l i c I n s i g h t s i n T o t a l B a r i a t r i c P a t i e n t C a r e Volume 13, Number 4 April 2016 A P e e r - R e v i e w e d P u b l i c a t i o n W W W . B A R I A T R I C T I M E S . C O M LIKE us on Facebook • FOLLOW us on Twitter • CONNECT with us on LinkedIn Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Lebanon Junction, KY Permit #344 DOWNLOAD OR UPDATE THE BARIATRIC TIMES APP TODAY! E DITORIAL MESSAGES . ...............3 Guest Editorial from Dr. Alan Wittgrove: Announcing the ASMBS Community Surgeons Committee: Promoting a Stronger Connection between Surgeon and S ociety A Message from Dr. Christopher Still: Body Mass Index as Measure of Metabolic Health: One Size May Not Fit All Also Inside SYMPOSIUM PR EVIEW . .... ... ... ... 18 United We Stand: Ins pir ing H ealth: Obes ity Action Coalition to H os t its 5th Annual Your Weight Matter s National Conv ention ASMB S FOUND AT ION UPDATE .. .... ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... ... 20 NEWS AND TRENDS . ... .... ... ... ... 21 BARIATRIC CENTER SPOTLIGHT .. ... ... .... ... ... .... ... ... ... 25 Welcome to Yuma Regional Medical Center Bariatric Surgery Program Yuma, Arizona JOURNAL WATCH .. ... ... .... ... ... ... 30 This month: Measuring Obesity and Metabolic Health ITunes Google (Android) Download the BT app for your mobile device! Scan this QR code with your QR reader for the digital edition of Bariatric Times. CALENDAR OF EVENTS ................32 MARKETPLACE ...........................32 AD INDEX ....................................34 Page 10 THE HISTORY OF BARIATRIC SURGERY Jacques Himpens, MD, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Surgery at the European School of Laparoscopic Surgery and Chief of Bariatric Surgery at the CHIREC Hospital, Brussels, Belgium, and St. Blasius General Hospital, Dendermonde, Belgium. In 1977, he graduated cum laude from the Catholic University of Leuven, Leuven, Belgium. In 1992, after six years in private practice in Belgium, Dr. Himpens joined the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He became an attending surgeon at the St. Pierre University Hospital Brussels. He assisted Dr. Guy-Bernard Cadière with the world's first laparoscopic adjustable band gastroplasty in October 1992. On March 3, 1997, Dr. Himpens performed the world's first "robotic" laparoscopic cholecystectomy using an early robot system prototype. He performed the first laparoscopic gastric bypass in Belgium in 1999, and the first laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch in 2001. He has performed over 15,000 laparoscopic obesity procedures, many of them revisional. He has had over 150 articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals, authored a substantial number of chapters in surgical books, and co- edited four books on bariatric surgery. He is co-editor for Obesity Surgery and is a member of the editorial board of Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases. My Experience Performing the First Telesurgical Procedure in the World Page 14 COLUMN EDITOR Daniel B. Jones, MD, MS, FASMBS FEATURED STUDENT David J. Lee Meralgia Paresthetica in Patients with Obesity INTRODUCTION The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve (LFCN) is a purely sensory nerve branch of the lumbar plexus to innervate the skin at the antero-lateral aspect of the thigh. Entrapment of this nerve often occurs at its pelvic exit site, where the nerve passes under the inguinal ligament just medially to the anterior iliac process and pierces the fascia lata. Compression at this location causes distinct dysesthesia in the distribution of that nerve. This condition has been termed Bernhardt-Roth syndrome for Martin Bernhardt (1844–1915), a German neuropathologist who first depicted this condition in 1878, 1 and Vladimir Karlovich Roth (1848–1916), a distinguished Russian neurologist who in 1895 named the syndrome meralgia paresthetica (MP) from the Greek words meros, meaning "limb," and algos, meaning "pain." 2,3 T h e M E D I C A L S T U D E N T N o t e b o o k by JACQUES HIMPENS, MD, PHD Watch the video online:

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