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NUTRITION CONTINUED Bariatric Times Buyers Guide 2016 35 Bariatric Times • August 2016 BARIATRIC FUSION, INC. Complete Chewable Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Bariatric Fusion Complete Chewable Vitamin and Mineral Supplement is an all-inclusive formulation developed by health care professionals to meet the needs of their own patients. Available in 5 great tasting flavors, patients. Available in 5 great tasting flavors, Mixed Berry, Orange Cream, Strawberry, Tropical, and Wild Cherry, the Complete Chewable is all your patients will need. Soft Chews Dietary Supplements Bariatric Fusion Soft Chews Dietary Supplement is a new, great tasting way to get your daily vitamin intake. Our Soft Chews are great for people looking to try something different and are available in 2 great tasting flavors, Mixed Berry and Tropical. flavors, Mixed Berry and Tropical. CELEBRATE VITAMINS Multivitamins (without Iron or Calcium) Celebrate provides multivitamin options in 4 delivery systems (capsule, chewable, soft chew and liquid) that are specific to each surgery type - gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric band, intragastric balloon, and duodenal switch. All products have been developed to provide the optimum level of supplementation at an affordable price while maintaining the highest level of bioavailability and quality. Multivitamins with Calcium Citrate All patients require supplemental calcium, so Celebrate developed the Essential Multi line. Combining a multivitamin with 100% calcium citrate (the recommended form) makes it easier for patients to take their vitamins and increases compliance. The Essential Multi line includes Celebrate's Essential Multi 2 in 1 Chewable, Essential Multi 3 in 1 Drink Mix (includes fiber), and Essential Multi 4 in 1 Protein Shake (includes fiber and protein). Both liquid multivitamins are great alternatives for patients in the early postoperative period. B ariatric Advantage Vitamin D3 Bariatric Advantage Vitamin D only utilizes Vitamin D3, the clinically preferred form of Vitamin D. Available in 5,000 IU easy- swallow capsules, or higher doses of 10,000 IU in both chewable gel and liquid form. Bariatric Advantage Vitamin A Bariatric Advantage Vitamin A comes in a high potency easy-swallow mini capsule w hich delivers 10,000 IU of vitamin A as retinol acetate, in a water-miscible "dry" form that is usually recommended for patients with fat malabsorption. Bariatric Advantage Probiotics Bariatric Advantage provides a complete line o f probiotics in both capsule and chewable form that feature selected probiotic strains that are clinically shown to support a healthy balance of intestinal flora in the digestive balance of intestinal flora in the digestive system for overall digestive health and well- b eing. Bariatric Advantage Therapeutic Products Bariatric Advantage offers a variety of nutritional products for the unique therapeutic supplement needs of some patients, including higher potency Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1 (Thiamin), B12 (Cobalamin), Biotin, Copper, Zinc Omega-3, and Probiotics. M ultivitamins with Iron Many patients require supplemental iron after weight-loss surgery, but iron needs vary for everyone. Celebrate offers multivitamins with 4 different levels of iron to allow for i ndividual requirements, in caspule and c hewable formulations- Multi-Complete 36 (36mg of iron), Multi-Complete 45 (45mg of iron), Multi-Complete 60 (60mg of iron), and Multi-AGB (18mg of iron). I ron + C All of the options of iron available from Celebrate Vitamins also contain vitamin C to enhance absorption and are formulated so that they will not cause teeth staining. There are 3 great-tasting chewable formulations available—18mg Tangerine, 30mg Grape, and 6 0mg Berry. There is also a 30mg swallowable tablet available. C alcium Citrate plus Vitamin D Calcium citrate is the preferred form of calcium for surgical weight-loss patients and Celebrate has the largest variety of calcium products of any bariatric supplement company. Celebrate offers 21 different items/flavors of calcium citrate which include items/flavors of calcium citrate which include tablets, chewables, soft chews, bars and p owder (to be mixed in liquid). Therapeutic Supplements Celebrate's therapeutic line of supplements were created for patients that may require higher levels of supplementation in addition to a standard vitamin protocol. The line includes Hair, Skin & Nails, Zinc plus Copper, Thiamin (B-1) 100mg, B-50 Complex, B-12 Sublingual Quick-melt, & Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) Quick-melt. Essential Protein 2 in 1 Protein & Calcium Bars Celebrate's Essential Protein 2 in 1 Protein & Calcium Bars are yet another great option for weight-loss patients to take their protein and calcium. With 15g of protein and 500mg of calcium citrate it's the perfect bar for nutritional compliance and aiding in weight- loss as part of a low-calorie eating plan. NESTLÉ HEALTHCARE NUTRITION, INC. OPTISOURCE ® Chewable Vitamin and Mineral Supplement OPTISOURCE ® Chewable Vitamin and Mineral Supplement is formulated to help meet vitamin and mineral needs before and after bariatric surgery. Nutrition: Vitamins BARI LIFE Bari Life Vitamin B-1 100 Mg Tablets Vitamin B-1 deficiencies are common among bariatric surgery candidates therefore supplementing patients with additional B-1 can be effective in eliminating deficiencies before and after surgery. Once daily tablet. 100ct/Bottle Bari Life Multivitamin Powder Bari Life's clinically proven Multivitamin Formula meets all of the ASMBS recommendations. Powder recommended for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery (allows for the easiest absorption). Mix in water, shakes, smoothies, yogurt. 60 Scoops/Container. 2 Scoops/Day: Gastric Bypass & Sleeve. 3 Scoops/Day: DS. Available Flavors: Orange, Cherry Berry, Unflavored. Cherry Berry, Unflavored. B ari Life Easy Swallow Multivitamin Tablets Bari Life's clinically proven Multivitamin Formula meets all of the ASMBS recommendations. Vanilla scented and special coating makes them easy-to-swallow. 1 80 Tablets/Bottle. 6 Tablets/Day: Gastric Bypass & Sleeve. 8 Tablets/Day: DS B ARIATRIC ADVANTAGE New! Bariatric Advantage Multi RP Bariatric Advantage Multi RP is a delicious new chewable multi vitamin that is scientifically formulated for the unique n utrient demands of patients who have undergone Restrictive Procedures such as gastric band or balloon. It meets ASMBS Guidelines for Restrictive Procedures and f eatures Vitamins A, C, D3 B1 (Thiamin), B6, B 12 (Cobalamin), Folate, and Iron—nutrients at risk for deficiency with restrictive patients. B ariatric Advantage Advanced Multi EA Bariatric Advantage Advanced Multi EA is a specialized multivitamin for patients of all b ariatric surgery types. It features proprietary micelle technology which has been clinically shown to improve absorption of nutrients including critical fat soluble vitamins. Patients get the nutrients they n eed, and delicious chewable mixed fruit flavor tablets makes adherence easy. Bariatric Advantage Ultra Multi Capsule Bariatric Advantage Ultra Multi is our highest potency multivitamin in capsule form. Each 3 capsule serving delivers 200% DV or more of Vitamin A and all B Vitamins including Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) and Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), along with 375% DV of Vitamin K, and 100% DV or more of 9 other key nutrients Available with Iron and without iron. Bariatric Advantage Chewable Essential Multi Bariatric Essential Chewable Multi Formula is designed to specifically meet the nutritional needs of bariatric patients. This formula uses superior quality, bioavailable nutrient forms. It is designed to be hypoallergenic, great tasting, and easy to digest and absorb. It includes a comprehensive level of nutrients, including fat soluble vitamins, B-Complex, and trace minerals. Bariatric Advantage Chewable Multi Formula - High ADEK Bariatric Advantage Chewable Multi Formula - High ADEK is a comprehensive formula that provides high doses of fat-soluble vitamins needed by patients who have undergone duodenal switch or distal gastric bypass. It can also be used in cases where a physician determines a patient has greater nutritional needs for nutrients like vitamin A or D. New & Improved! Bariatric Advantage Chewable Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D Bariatric Advantage Chewable Calcium Citrate tablets are specially formulated for bariatric patients, utilizing 500 mg calcium from only calcium citrate and delivering 500 IU of Vitamin D3 to support calcium absorption. Available in delicious chocolate, cinnamon, and wild cherry flavors and each has been improved for smoother non-chalky mouth-feel. Nutrition: Supplementation p p c ontinued Continued on following page

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